Hello and welcome to my small corner of the internet. I'm a designer and strategic thinker who enjoys collaborating, learning and laughing with other humans (live, laugh, love...if you feel me). I'm currently living in Los Angeles and clicking away at Fictive Kin. Before that, I had the pleasure of starting a product design studio from the ground up at Sanctuary Computer. Before that, I helped large companies make digital products. I've also made music with my friends in B Boys and Flexi, as well as a solo record as Gift Wrap.
A website promoting Posty's new album 12 Carat Toothache.
A funky web archive with a focus on exploring different realities.
Website for an independent platform that connects travel, culture and creativity.
A brand hub that for the Noom team.
A website for a brand new tea company.
Getting a new product design studio off the ground.
A website to celebrate our studio's commitment to carbon neutrality.
A simple website for the portfolio of a New York based artist.
Branding and website for a sustainability company.
A personal portfolio for a talented woodworker in Kingston, New York.
Product audit and UI kit for a recipe sharing app.
Branding and art direction for Spotify's first hardware product.
Product design for a Nike SNKRS reservation feature.
Branding and product design for an app that makes let you make crazy zoom videos.
Product design for a Google experiment that let's you create and send 3D collages with your phone.